Tuesday, May 29, 2012

MH Series: Draculaura Inspied Makeup ♥

Hey Ghouls;
For a while now i've been thinking about doing a Monster High Make Up Series.
I've been collecting images of both the dolls and the cartoon web series.
These inspired makeup looks will be a combination of both the dolls and their cartoon counterparts.

I decided that I would start with Draculaura, i know my hair isn't like hers and so on. I think later on down the track i will do a full body transformation for you all, depending on my time schedule.

Before I began i just prepped my face using my Manic Panic Pressed Powder Foundation in Moonlight.

Urban Decay Primer Potion
Sugarpill - Tako (Sweet Heart Palette)
Sugarpill - Dollipop (Sweet Heart Palette)
Sugarpill - 2am (New Heart Breaker Palette)
Sugarpill - Magentric (Loose Pigment)
Designer Brands Mascara - Black
Nyx Jumbo Pencil - Milk
Manic Panic Gel Spider Liner - Black

I began by priming my eyes with urban decay primer potion. Then I patted Tako all over my lid and up to my brow keeping a rounded edge on the outer side. I placed Dollipop on my inner corner and outer corner, blending out and upwards and leaving a streak of white down the middle of the eye. Blend the outer corner out gently and keeping the shadow in a circular shape. I drew the shape down under my eye and placed just a little of Dollipop under the eye about half way. I filled the crease with Sugarpills' 2am making sure that the color was not too noticeable but adds depth, I also took my brush and ran it under my eye, close to my lower lash line to add a bit of depth there too.
  I took Magentric and placed this on top of the Dollipop to add shimmer. I lined my waterline with white and just took a liquid eyeliner and lined my top lid very close to the lash line. Then applied mascara.

Lime Crime - Centrifuschia
Rimmel London Kate Moss Collection - 04

I covered my lips in Lime Crimes opaque lipstick Centrifuschia for my First Version. I then took a lip brush and lined my lips with Rimmel Londons Kate Moss lipstick in number 4 which is a dark purple. I also filled in the corners of my mouth and blended in to give a darker appearance.

For the second version of my Makeup I took my Masquerade lipstick in 984 and just applied that in the corners and filled the middle in with Lime Crime Glamour 101 (unfortunately the light doesn't pick up that wine red color very well)

Lime Crime - Centrifushia
Lime Crime - Royal Flush (D'Antoinette Palette)

I drew my love heart on with a lipbrush and the Centrifushia then i filled it in with Lime Crimes Royal Flush and blended it over the outline.

Thanks for reading xx
Until next time remember it is your imperfections that make you unforgettable.
Ashiie Imperfect xx ♥

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