Friday, January 23, 2015

Red Bubble Comic Character Haul

Hi Ghouls;
I am pretty sure most of you are aware of the site redbubble; it's a site where artists can upload their work and get them printed on shirts, hoodies, homewares and other items. Unlike TeeFury and other sites of the same design all the art remains obtainable (not just a 24 hour sale) they don't have the same amazingly cheap pricing. However if you found a design that you liked on TeeFury, Zebra Tees or any of the others and you missed the sale you can more than likely find it on RedBubble.

RedBubble and I have a love hate relationship much like that of my relationship with LookHuman. Before Christmas I found a 24 hour sale shirt that I wanted to buy for Brody however with the holiday period coming up I just couldn't get the money together, luckily for me I found the same design on RedBubble and when my pay cleared I went onto the site to buy it. This is were the love hate part comes in. I put the item in my cart and then decided to see what new merchandise was out for Harley Quinn (with her being last years trend there were thousands of designs coming out with her face on them) I found two designs that I loved and decided that I needed to get them too. 150AUD later and I checked out.

The shirt that I originally went to the site to buy was the "Merc with a Mouth" Design by Fuacka. Brody and I both love Deadpool and the hidden disguise ripped shirt design is one of the more
popular and clever ideas that people are beginning to create.
I've never had a problem with Red Bubble, the quality of the shirt is standard nothing special but not poor. It's the same quality of a shirt that you would get if you bought one from JayJays or another fashion store. The shirt was 30AUD and there was no real decision to be made about the design on the back or the front as the ripped shirt clearly shows pecks and abs.

If you follow me on Instragram you will already have seen this one of my items that I've already started using at work.
I actually got this design "Eat at Harleys" by Sean Corbin on both the Tall Mug and the standard women's t-shirt. There isn't a decent Harley design that I don't like and buy in a shirt. I have four or five other Harley shirts from various t-shirt sales sitting in my cupboard so it was really no surprise when I added this to my cart. Again the quality is standard, they're good for Australia due to the fact that they aren't extremely thick so you can wear them in summer but they also aren't thin so layering them with a cardigan or jacket they are fine for winter as well. The womens shirt was 26.94AUD.

Since I started my new job I've been looking for a mug to keep at my desk, I wanted something unique and when i noticed that the "Eat at Harleys" design could be printed on mugs my brain said "You have to have it, It'll be like you went to the diner and then you took the mug home with you" A weird train of thought but mine none the less and so into the cart went a Tall mug 17.18AUD. I've never bought homeware from RedBubble before, my first question when Brody told me that I had both a box and a parcel delivered from RedBubble was is the mug damaged.

Brody opened the box and let me know that the mug was fine and when i got home i was able to see the packaging, not only was the mug shipped separately, it was also wrapped in thick and large bubble wrap which filled the space surrounding it in the box. In other words it was very secure, which means that if I find another item i'd like on a mug I wouldn't hesitate to buy it again. The mug is again like any mug, thick white ceramic with a gloss finish, no join lines from a mould and no little rough edges. The design is vibrant if not maybe a little blurry around the small details but that is to be expected. I've washed it twice and the print hasn't faded. The RedBubble mug information section says that they are dishwasher safe.

My final purchase is probably my favourite although at one point I did ask myself what i was doing buying a Hoodie in the middle of Summer.
I came across the design "Harley Quinn Portrait" a sensational and modern grunge view of Harley by BladeSummers. I was sitting at my computer just in awe of how perfect for me it was. As I previously mentioned above I have a lot of Harley Quinn T-Shirts and I wasn't sure if I should add one more to the collection, then I noticed it came in a hoodie. I only ever wear zip up hoodies, they're better for the Melbourne weather, sometimes the rainy day turns into a heat wave and with a zip up hoodie you don't need to take it off completely. It's thick enough to be warm but light enough to not feel like you're weighed down. I chose to get the print on the back so that the zip didn't interfere with the image in total it cost me 56.94AUD but I believe it was well worth it.

That was it, with a total of five days shipping before the goodies were in my hands.

I hope you in Australia all have a wonderful long weekend and to those in the rest of the world i hope you enjoy whatever you may be doing today.

Until next time,
Ashlee Adams xx

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  1. There isn't a decent Harley design that I don't like and buy in a shirt. ...