Tuesday, May 29, 2012

MH Series: Draculaura Inspied Makeup ♥

Hey Ghouls;
For a while now i've been thinking about doing a Monster High Make Up Series.
I've been collecting images of both the dolls and the cartoon web series.
These inspired makeup looks will be a combination of both the dolls and their cartoon counterparts.

I decided that I would start with Draculaura, i know my hair isn't like hers and so on. I think later on down the track i will do a full body transformation for you all, depending on my time schedule.

Before I began i just prepped my face using my Manic Panic Pressed Powder Foundation in Moonlight.

Urban Decay Primer Potion
Sugarpill - Tako (Sweet Heart Palette)
Sugarpill - Dollipop (Sweet Heart Palette)
Sugarpill - 2am (New Heart Breaker Palette)
Sugarpill - Magentric (Loose Pigment)
Designer Brands Mascara - Black
Nyx Jumbo Pencil - Milk
Manic Panic Gel Spider Liner - Black

I began by priming my eyes with urban decay primer potion. Then I patted Tako all over my lid and up to my brow keeping a rounded edge on the outer side. I placed Dollipop on my inner corner and outer corner, blending out and upwards and leaving a streak of white down the middle of the eye. Blend the outer corner out gently and keeping the shadow in a circular shape. I drew the shape down under my eye and placed just a little of Dollipop under the eye about half way. I filled the crease with Sugarpills' 2am making sure that the color was not too noticeable but adds depth, I also took my brush and ran it under my eye, close to my lower lash line to add a bit of depth there too.
  I took Magentric and placed this on top of the Dollipop to add shimmer. I lined my waterline with white and just took a liquid eyeliner and lined my top lid very close to the lash line. Then applied mascara.

Lime Crime - Centrifuschia
Rimmel London Kate Moss Collection - 04

I covered my lips in Lime Crimes opaque lipstick Centrifuschia for my First Version. I then took a lip brush and lined my lips with Rimmel Londons Kate Moss lipstick in number 4 which is a dark purple. I also filled in the corners of my mouth and blended in to give a darker appearance.

For the second version of my Makeup I took my Masquerade lipstick in 984 and just applied that in the corners and filled the middle in with Lime Crime Glamour 101 (unfortunately the light doesn't pick up that wine red color very well)

Lime Crime - Centrifushia
Lime Crime - Royal Flush (D'Antoinette Palette)

I drew my love heart on with a lipbrush and the Centrifushia then i filled it in with Lime Crimes Royal Flush and blended it over the outline.

Thanks for reading xx
Until next time remember it is your imperfections that make you unforgettable.
Ashiie Imperfect xx ♥

Monday, April 16, 2012

The Balm Nude 'Tude Palette :3

Hello Ghouls,
I finally gave in and purchased a nude/neutral palette, although as you can see from the title i didn't go with a traditional nude palette. In fact The Balm's Nude 'Tude palette is the perfect balance between neutral shades and a pop of color.

 For any of you who know the Nude 'Tude palette you all know that of course i got the naughty version (no difference between eyeshadow colors) that features the pin up girls on the background. The palette is thin and compact, for reference it's thinner than the Sugarpill palettes. It's made out of the traditional thick cardboard with a very strong magnet holding it shut.

The palette has twelve shades, a very decent sized mirror and a double ended brush, one end an angled eyeliner brush and the other an angled fluffy eyeshadow brush.
There are four matte colors and the other eight linger between the shimmer and frost finishes.

Sassy: A white
Snobby: A pale gold yellow
Stubborn: Pale salmon pink
Stand-offish: Apricotish Coral

Selfish: Greyish brown shimmer
Sultry: Ochre (Matte)
Sophisticated: Chocolate brown with golden shimmer
Schitzo: Chestnut brown with golden shimmer

Sexy: A red toned burnt umber (Matte)
Silly: A darker than medium brown with golden shimmer
Serious: Black (Matte)
Sleek: A very dark chocolate brown/Bistre color (Matte)

All of these eyeshadows apply really easily, however the formula on Snobby is a little chalky. I haven't had problems applying it however it isn't a shade you could just throw on quickly as it needs time to be applied. As always the colors are pigmented and just touching my finger to the pans leaves beautiful color on my finger tips.

The balm palette retails on their website for $36 USD and comes in two styles (as mentioned before with no difference in eyeshadow shades) the naughty one like i have has pin up girls on the background and the nice features a vintage style room.
I purchased my palette off eBay for $40 including postage.

I hope this review helped and honestly i am not one for nude palettes, i love bright colors and for the last few weeks i have just been reaching for this stylish, sexy palette.

Remember it is your imperfections that make you unforgettable and i'll speak with you next time.

Ashiie Imperfect

Thursday, March 29, 2012

~China Glaze Capitol Colors Collection~

Hello Ghouls,

We all knew that with the movie release of the amazing book series there would be a heap of new beauty items up for grabs. With the districts, the fabulous and colorful capitol, our fantastic 'girl on fire' and the wonderfully descriptive writing there was no way that any of the inspired products would disappoint.

The first collection i spied was the China Glaze; Hunger Games - Capitol Colours collection and being a nail polish junkie and a nerd obsessed with these books i had to have them.
The collection features 12 colors, one to represent each district (disregarding the 13th)
I've put them in the orders i believe they fit, i might be wrong and if you have other ideas please feel free to leave a comment below.

All one coat swatches
District One (Luxury) -
Luxe and Lush: A beautiful flaky in a clear jelly

District Two (Masonry) -
Stone Cold: Matte granite color that literally looks like granite. It has silver and black flecks amongst a deep grey color.

District Three (Electricity) -
Electrify: Clear jelly with different sized red and gold glitter

All one coat swatches
District Four (Fishing) -
Hook and Line: A frost silver that in certain lights can look a little lilac (tends to be a bit streaky)

District Five (Power) -
Riveting: Bright orange, almost an orange version of pin prick with tiny particles of glitter.

District Six (Transport) -
Fast Track: A light brownish cream with golden/green shimmer

District Seven (Lumber) -
Mahogany Magic: A creme mahogany brown

District Eight (Textiles) -
Dress Me Up: A creme pink, it makes me think of Dolores Umbridge to be honest, it's a murky pink shade.

District Nine (Grain) -
Harvest Moon: A Metallic orange-brown, sheer in one coat but can be built up nicely. Reminds me of a browner version of the Halloween color 'Cross Iron'

District Ten (Livestock) -
Foie Gras: A dark pastel purple creme

District Eleven (Agriculture) -
Agro: A deep olive green with yellow shimmer

District Twelve (Coal Mining) -
Smoke and Ashes: A very dark blackened blue (almost black) with blue and green glitter particles which change depending on the light.

 There are a few colors in this collection that i'm a bit iffy about, as most of you probably know i'm not much of a 'pink' person so dress me up doesn't really do anything for me. I was a little concerned with Fast Track as well but after i put it on i realized that it didn't look as bad as i thought it would. But those are my personal opinions.
If you want my MUST haves out of this collection it's probably; Stone Cold (if you like Mattes), Luxe and Lush and Foie Gras.
If you are really into nude nail polishes then Fast Track is also a polish you should definitely check out.

I hope this review helped.
Remember it is your imperfections that make you unforgettable.
Until next time.
Ashiie Imperfect

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Lime Crime: ChinaDoll Palette

Hey Ghouls;
Recently I purchased the ChinaDoll Palette by Lime Crime. The first of their Fantasy Palettes and their first attempt at a pressed eyeshadows.
The ChinaDolla Palette comes in a purple tin with the gold bevelled unicorn logo and a pattern that is somewhat reminiscent of a lotus flower.

As well as doing a first impressions of the ChinaDoll Palette, I would like to do a comparison between the ChinaDoll colors and the Sugar Pill pressed eyeshadows.

The ChinaDoll palette has five colors;
Fly, Dragon Fly - A Red
Parasol - A Baby Blue (The standout original for me personally in this collection)
Goldfish - A Mettalic Yellow
Jade-o-Lade - A Deep Jade Green.
Lotus Noir - The Black in the collection

Goldfish is a little chalky, however i slightly expected this with the mettalic finish to it. The others are very smooth to apply and have no fallout. All the colors are extremely pigmented which you will see in my swatches.
All the colors can be built up to a beautiful opaque pigment or blended out. Both ways look amazing.
The Swatches are all on my eye lids, dry brush applied with no base or primer.
The Lime Crime Colors are labelled.

There is enough difference between the colors to warrant purchasing both palettes if you are really into makeup.
I really adore Parasol and Jade-O-Lade however i also don't have any brand of pressed shadow in these colors.

Thanks for cheacking this out. Hope it was helpful to you.
Remember it's your imperfections that make you unforgettable.

Ashiie Imperfect♥

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Winter Giveaway Over at Pointless Cafe ♥

Hey Ghouls,
I'm blogging again about another giveaway that is open to us Aussies. Pointless Cafe  is giving away two winter prize packs.
First prize is a three pack of Zoya Nail Polishes:
And the Second Prize is a four set of Special Effect top coats from Pure Ice:

So once again head on over and show her some love.
Remember it's your imperfections that make you unforgetable.
Ashiie Imperfect ♥

Glam Polishes 500 Followers Giveaway ♥

Hey everyone i would love to give you a little heads up to an Awesome China Glaze collection giveaway.
Glam Polishes is celebrating five hundred followers by giving away the new Capitol Colours collection to the main land US and Australian residents only. Yes girls this one is open for us.

So drop on by and show her some love. :3
Until Next Time.
Remeber it's your imperfections that make you unforgettable.
Ashiie Imperfect ♥

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Manic Panic Make-Up Staples

Hey Ghouls;
Alright so I've been using Manic Panic cosmetics and hair dyes for ages now, about seven to eight years and i absolutely adore their products. I figured i probably should do a review of a few of the products i often use for those of you who are curious about the company.

Before beginning i want everyone aware that this is MY opinion and as such you're experiences may differ. I have very pale skin that is moisturized daily and is rather smooth, if you have other skin types the results may differ.

I'm going to begin with the Vampyre's Veil Pressed Powders range.
As always i start with the packaging, so every compact comes in a kitschy little coloured bag, depending on the tone you've bought, the compact itself is very elegant. Black with the white print, 'Vampyre's Veil' and small jewels on the image of the bats. I've been told, so the information may not be correct that the jewels are different colours depending on the tone you purchase.

The compact has two compartments, similar to products of this type, the first housing the pressed powder and mirror and second housing the powder pad.

Anyway enough about the packaging let's discuss the product. I find manic panic to be very smooth and silky to apply, once applied i can barely tell I'm wearing it, it definitely doesn't have a caked on feel or appearance. However you may end up with little powder particles if you try to apply too much or don't blend it in. The pad is great for ease of applying and the color is great for blending in with natural rosy pink cheeks and so on.
The only downside would be that Manic Panic (being a self-proclaimed Gothic brand) does not supply darker skin tones in the pressed powders. These powders are 'two way' powders so they can also be applied wet.
If you have paler skin than most (i'm literally near white) then you should definitely check out Manic Panic. Here in Australia you can purchase the powder from Ebay (I use Fatal Impact from America) for around fifteen dollars, and this compact usually lasts me a year but then again i don't use make up everyday.
There are four colours in the Vampyre's Veil:
Virgin (White foundation)
Moonlight (My foundation)
There is also another product developed by a separate sector of Manic Panic, The Manic Panic Collection simply entitled 'pressed powders' which are apart of the Creature of the night collection.

I have purchased the shade Anemic in these pressed powders; which i've enquired about and it matches the shade 'moonlight' from the Vampyres Veil collection. I am waiting on the product to arrive and when it does i will complete a review on that product as well. However for those of you who are interested the pressed powders in the Creature of the night collection come in the following shades.
Spectral (white)
Anemic (Moonlight equivalent)
French Vanilla Twist (Starlight equivalent)
Mystique (Candlelight equivalent)
Hotta Chocolata (Darker shade that previously avaliable)
These can also be applied both wet or dry.

The other foundation staple that i get Manic Panic is the  Dreamtone liquid foundation for those days when i need to have extremely flawless skin. The dreamtone liquid foundations come in the same four shades as the Vampyre's Veil so it is easy to match with your powder.
Again i get the Moonlight shade.
The packaging on these products is a bit of a let down. They come in a black box with a sticker on the front with the Tish & Snooky's Manic Panic logo and a window so you can see the product. The bottle is plain glass with a black lid with the same sticker logo and a clear sticker on the front mentioning the color foundation you've purchased.
The applicator is a spatula stick which allows for easy application. I generally spatula a little of the foundation onto my hand or a palette and then use a stippling brush to apply.

These are my Manic Panic Staples, my must haves if you will. I've got another post coming along with a collective haul of mini purchases i felt weren't big enough to put into blog posts on their own.

Until next time remember,
It's your imperfections that make you unforgettable.
Ashiie Imperfect