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Geek Chic Cosmetics Sailor Moon Release

Hi Ghouls;

The start of 2015 has had me see some pretty bad luck, which will all turn around eventually. However whilst there has been some bad luck and circumstances the start of 2015 has also seen some amazing indie company beauty releases and some incredible clothing releases.
For those of you who follow me on Instagram you already have had a glimpse at the packages I have received over the past few weeks.

GeekChicCosmetics; a brand that I have been a proud follower of for many years; (you can see my review of their now discontinued Zombie and Vampire lines from 2011 here) announced that they would be releasing a Sailor Moon collection.
There has been a lot of renewed interest in the anime since the re-boot aired; I remember when I was little waking up and turning on 'Cheez TV' (Here in Australia this was the big childrens morning cartoon show in the 90's) and signing along to the theme song. It was the anime that introduced me to that world and naturally I was going to happily purchase this collection and enjoy the stroll down memory lane.

The collection came in a -once announced- limited edition tin (I'm not sure if this is still limited edition and if so when it may end). It contained 12 eyeshadows and there are also nail polishes however due to shipping restrictions I am unable to purchase those.
Due to a mass rush to order shipping took a little longer than usual, we were all advised of this in emails which I think it wonderful.
My collection turned up yesterday; there were a couple of images posted to Instgram and sadly my video wouldn't condense enough to meet their length requirements.

The tin is gorgeous, give it a bit of a twist and pull and it opens easily enough, there was a Luna sticker at the top of the tin which made me extremely happy.


The first thing I will say about this collection is that there was so much shimmer on my hands after picking them up. Even through the shrink wrap my hands were just coated in different sparkles.
I'll start at the top and continue clockwise;

Space Turbulence: Energy unleashed as a series of beams from Sailor Uranus hands, Space Turbulance is a beautiful pastel canary yellow packed with silver/white iridescent glitter; it can feel a bit grainy during application and causes a lot of fall out, definitely suggest using a sticky base underneath this shade.

One swipe over bare skin, orange fluorescent light
Silence Glaive Surprise: Based on the offensive attack of Sailor Saturn; the manga shows the attack producing a thick fog.
The colour is an extremely light pastel lavender with white/silver and light pink shimmer. This shade doesn't seem to cause as much fall out as Space Turbulence but I would still recommend a sticky base.

Rainbow Moon Heart Ache: Named after the upgraded 'Moon spiral heart attack' this attack can only be performed by Sailor Moon in super form.
The colour is a creamy silver with an opalescent shimmer. This colour swatches bright and solid.

Queen of Darkness: Inspired by the evil queen Beryl herself, who is possessed by the jealous rage of Queen Matallia is this gorgeous cerise shade that shifts in the light with a greeny yellow shimmer.

(NOTE: I missed Chronos Typhoon here, this colour swatch and description will be added in at the end of the post)

One swipe over bare skin, orange fluro lighting
Crescent Beam Shower: Sailor Venus is awe inspiring with her stunning beam of light attack; this creamsicle orange shade, with deeper orange and a slight blue sparkle embodies all that Sailor Venus stood for. The shade is a little grainy when applied but blends out wonderfully.

Tuxedo La Smoking Bomb: I think that Tuxedo mask was the first cartoon crush of many girls. Mysterious, dark, tall and handsome, falling in love not with the stunning Venus but the ordinary slightly chubby and clumsy Sailor Moon. This colour is stunning, a dark matte black base that can shift to look slightly dark purple based; filled to the brim with rainbow glitter. This colour is grainy due to the chunkiness of the glitter but if you use a sticky base that glitter won't budge.

Twinkle Yell: There was no one cuter or more annoying than chibi moon or Rini. This bubblegum pink shade has a slight orange under note with some golden sheen thrown in for good measure.

Flower Hurricane: Jupiter was always my favorite, a tough exterior but inside femininity, as shown by this attack. A beautiful minty green to broadcast the softer side of this sailor scout but with fierce orange glitter.

One swipe over bare skin, orange fluro lighting
Mars Snake Fire: This colour represents the hot headed Sailor Mars; I remember the animation now, the swirling fire snake, coiling out from her pointed finger. This colour is a soft red satin with firey yellow glitter.

Mercury Aqua Mist: Sailor Mercury the lonely brainiac who found a family to accept her. This misty light blue shade has a robin eggs blue sheen, it is beautiful and can range from light blue/grey to a more denser periwinkle blue shade.

Submarine Reflection: An ocean blue teal shade representative of Sailor Neptune.This move has two different abilities depending on if you are reading the Manga or watching the series but I feel that this shade presents it well. The teal of the sea with golden and green glitter it feels as sophisticated as Sailor Neptune looks.

Chronos Typhoon: Finally and ironically is Sailor Plutos' garnet like orb of energy used to dutifully and loyally protect the royal family and the Senshi. Chronos Typhoon is a deep silver with a dominant green shift.

The majority of these shadows are packed with glitter and can feel gritty on the fingers, as mentioned in the descriptions with a sticky base they hold up well but will result in a bit of fall out during application. My suggestion is do your foundation afterwards.
Each shade can range from lightly applied to thickly packed on for good coverage. These were an amazing way for me to reminisce about the anime that literally started my obsession (well Sailor Moon and Pokemon) and as a young Australian watching Cheez TV in the morning, I can safely say that I wasn't alone in having this eye opening experience.

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