Thursday, September 1, 2011

Geek Chic Cosmetics Haul!

Hey Ghouls;
Roughly three weeks ago i ordered two eyeshadow sets from Geek Chic Cosmetics.
The two sets that i ordered are the 'Fang Banger's Quartet' and 'Geeks Vs Zombies' there are four colors in each set and the total cost was around $45 dollars
Please Note: Unfortunately since moving i haven't been able to find my camera charge and all photos are taken on a Nokia X6 which is only a 5 mp camera with flash.

So as usual i'll begin with the packaging, the cosmetics arrived in a simple delivery box and at no fault of the company my stupid mail man squashed the box into my mail box thankfully nothing in the pack was breakable. I opened the pack to some lovely blood almost crimson red tissue paper and an invoice with a lovely personalized note saying thank you for my purchase.
The eye-shadows were homed in a pink mesh bag and were wrapped individually with shrink wrap.
Each set has a different label design and i find these gorgeous especially the 'Geeks Vs Zombies' set. Which has a black and pink highlighted bio-hazard symbol fused with a heart design on what can be described as almost a camouflage type light-green background. The 'Fang Banger's Quartet' label features an open vampire mouth (with fangs) and some blood spill on the right side. When you turn over the products you will see another label which reads 'Geek Chic Cosmetics' across the top and then the name of the color and what set it is part of. The part i like most about these eye-shadows is that each label on the bottom differs depending on the ingredients and although i am not Vegan i do enjoy seeing Vegan and especially Cruelty-Free on the bottom on the jars they also list all the ingredients and in bright red list any 'allergy materials' and whether or not it is safe to use on lips. which to me makes the items much more caring and personal.
So onto the products themselves.

I'll start with the 'Fang Banger's Quartet' which features the colors.
-Blood Bond
-Viking King
-Eyes of the Werewolf
-Purity Burns
Although the creator doesn't mention the TV show that inspired these colors and set it was quiet obvious to myself what they were inspired by and ironically i was watching True Blood when the package arrived :) I instantly started discussing to whoever was in the vicinity (mainly my cat) what color was inspired by who and so on.

I'm really happy that these arrived when they did because i happen to have purchased (for any true blood fans who live in Victoria) tickets to the Yearly Fangtasia Club Night and i am stoked to be able to wear such lovely and true blood inspired colors.

Swatches will be featured in photos below the text, all swatches are one finger swipe on freshly cleaned but dry skin. If you would like swatches with a primer or wet feel free to email me at

Blood Bond:
Website description: A deep blood red pigment
My description:  I agree with the creator description; Blood bond is a delicious blood red color, if you look really closely you can see some metallic flakes of a coppery gold. The pigment has an undertone of maroon but is a very vibrant color that is able to be blended down to create a more subtle color, that is for those of you who aren't bold enough for bright colors.
Viking King:
Website description: Intense antique gold pigment with silver shimmer
My description: I'm not usually the agreeable type but i have to say that Geek Chic aptly describe their colors. Viking King is a deep almost olden gold as if time as worn away some of the bright gold color, however that does not say that this is not a vibrant pigment, it definitely is. I couldn't see the need in blending this color down but when dabbed back it creates a hint of a golden glow.
Eyes of the Werewolf:
Website description: A soft and shiny copper pigment with a touch of gold glimmer to it
My description: I wouldn't say that Eyes of the Werewolf is so much of a copper, it does have copper properties but appears (at least on my arm and to my eyes) to be composed of more of a light orange pigment.
Purity Burns:
Website description: A semi-opaque silver with a high shine and shimmer
My description: This is a beautiful shimmery silver that has undertones of light blue depending on the light, works well as a color but may take a few more swipes to form a solid color.

'Geeks Vs Zombies' are colors inspired by the future and as we all agree imminent Zombie Apocalypse, the set features the four colors.
-Stay Indoors
-Grey Matter

Stay Indoors:
Website description: It is a black green/blue/purple trio-chrome. The color that it shows up as depends on what other colors are being used with it as well as the lighting you are in.
My description: A deep navy almost black with blue glitter, gorgeous for a smoky eye. I'm not sure about the green that the website says is in it but i definitely see blue and purple.
Grey Matter:
Website description: An opaque dark grey with a blue sheen. Gray Matter has a opalescent quality that’s not quite metallic.
My description: Again i have to agree with the website description, it's very accurate the color is a lovely mix between grey and teal. In different lights the teal tinge becomes more dominant and in other lights the grey is the dominant pigment.
Website description: A semi-opaque, bright kelly green with high shimmer.
My description: This is one of my favorite colors in this set just as Blood Bond was the reason for me buying the Fang Banger Quartet. This is a lovely lime green with a light and subtle yellow shimmer, VERY vibrant and pigmented, one swipe was enough to color my hand.
Website description: A pastel ultra violet purple and sea-foam green duo-chrome. It has green color shifting highlights and a subtle touch of glitter.
My description: A sweet pearlish lavender with a sweet undertone of blue-green. Not much else to say about the color.

With my order also came a free sample bag of the color Born in Fire from the set 'Win or Die'

Website description: The rich, regal violet of the Targaryens with smokey indigo depths. Silky, with a pearlescent sheen and a scattering of glittering ruby embers.
My description: A gorgeous purple color, almost a grey with purple and blue highlights.

I love the creators at Geek Chic cosmetics because their descriptions of the colors in 'geek terms' make me feel a part of a family.
I will definitely be buying from them again, they are wonderful to deal with and beautiful colors.
Thanks for reading guys, pop over and check them out and enjoy their gorgeous products.
Ashiie Imperfect xx

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