Thursday, March 3, 2011

~ Ashlee M Adams ~

Ashlee M Adams;
Born 1992, Melbourne, Australia.
A diagnosed coeliac.
Proud 'mother' to:
Two gorgeous cats, Nynx and Bren.
An amazing Border Collie, Asura.
Three Rats; Idiko, Emera and Maru.
One beautiful long neck murray river turtle; Koopa Troopa.

I am a bona fide geek. Not pretty, sexy or cute when I game; unless you find profanities, screwed up faces and throwing myself in which ever direction the game goes any of the a fore mentioned.
I'm socially awkward and when uncomfortable I tend to babble with no word filter.

I have the good fortune to hold the love of an amazing man. We share our anniversary with hands down the best holiday in the year; Halloween.
Speaking of; every day is Halloween at out house. From our kitchen to the bar, the lounge and gardens are al adorned in our own style.

I am an avid reader; collector of Monster High dolls, comics, corsets and shoes. I enjoy food, music and make-up.
Anything I've forgotten will probably come up in a future post or video here or there.
But for now that's all ghouls.

Dare to be yourself.