Monday, April 16, 2012

The Balm Nude 'Tude Palette

Hello Ghouls,
I finally gave in and purchased a nude/neutral palette, although as you can see from the title I didn't go with a traditional nude palette. In fact The Balm's Nude 'Tude palette is the perfect balance between neutral shades and a pop of color.

 For any of you who know the Nude 'Tude palette you all know that of course I got the naughty version (no difference between eyeshadow colors) that features the pin up girls on the background. The palette is thin and compact, for reference it's thinner than the Sugarpill palettes. It's made out of the traditional thick cardboard with a very strong magnet holding it shut.

The palette has twelve shades, a very decent sized mirror and a double ended brush, one end an angled eyeliner brush and the other an angled fluffy eyeshadow brush.
There are four matte colors and the other eight linger between the shimmer and frost finishes.

Sassy: A frosty bright white, pigmentation is good and solid, does produce a bit of fall out.
Snobby: A frosty pale gold yellow, very chalky in formula but a nice lid colour if you want a pop of colour.
Stubborn:  Pale salmon pink shimmer. A lovely shade for a darker pink crease.
Stand-offish: Frosty apricotish coral, a bit on the chalky side as are most of the frosty shades in the collection but this is a lovely shade to use as an all over lid colour for a beautiful sheen.

Selfish: Greyish brown shimmer
Sultry: Ochre (Matte) a beautiful crease colour for a barely there make-up look.
Sophisticated: Chocolate brown with golden shimmer; perfect for a dark but more natural smokey eye.
Schitzo: Chestnut brown with golden shimmer. I use this for when i want a shimmer smokey eye.

Sexy: A red toned burnt umber (Matte) This is beautiful for a darker more sultry look.
Silly: A darker than medium brown with golden shimmer.
Serious: Black (Matte) a seriously dark black with no lean towards brown, blue or red.
Sleek: A very dark chocolate brown/Bistre color (Matte)

All of these eyeshadows apply really easily, however the formula on Snobby is a little chalky. I haven't had problems applying it however it isn't a shade you could just throw on quickly as it needs time to be applied. As always the colors are pigmented and just touching my finger to the pans leaves beautiful color on my finger tips.

The balm palette retails on their website for $36 USD and comes in two styles (as mentioned before with no difference in eyeshadow shades) the naughty one like my own palette and the nice which features a vintage style room.
I purchased my palette off eBay for $40 including postage.

I am generally not one for Nude Palettes, I love bright colors but for the last few weeks I have been reaching for this stylish, sexy palette.

Remember it is your imperfections that make you unforgettable.
Good night ghouls.
Ashlee Adams.

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