Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Lime Crime Carousel Gloss

My Collection of Lime Crime Carousel Glosses

Note: TI have since purchasing my last items joined onto the Boycott Lime Crime movement. I was extremely disappointed when they refused to send any more stock to their Australian stockists and straight out told me it'd be cheaper to buy directly from them. When I did the math and provided them with evidence against that fact they deleted my comment. I didn't personally have any money stolen however I was a lucky one, thousands of their customers had money stolen from, this fact in itself is not the reason I was disappointed, the fact that none of these customers were notified until four months after the incident is shocking. 
I sadly feel that I cannot promote the brand any further.

This is the entire collection of Lime Crime Carousel Glosses as of June 2013 

 From Left to Right
Hollygram, Golden Ticket (Discountined), Candy Apple, Cherry on Top, Present, Kaleidoscope, Loop-de-Loop and Snowsicicle.

The Lime Crime Carousel Glosses, are described by the company as "shines like a gloss, pigmented like a lipstick, and is loaded to the brim with sparkle.

The original line consisted of Candy Apple, Cherry on Top, Kaleidoscope, Golden Ticket and Loop-De-Loop. Of which only Candy Apple and Cherry on Top can currently be bought from their website. The second line consisted of Hollygram, Snowsicle and Present which you are still able to buy from the website for 17USD each.

Cherry On Top: The classic pin up red in a gloss form, that smells like cupcakes and is packed full of bright vibrant red glitter. It is a very Christmasy colour. The formula is thick and very pigmented, I only use two swipes for my swatches it does remain sticky however and transfers onto everything. (as you can tell by the smear in the corner of my mouth)

 Candy Apple: Candy apple is Cherry on Tops' slightly pinker sister with less visible glitter. More subtle than most of the colours in the collection it is suitable for day wear as well as evening. The formula is the same as Cherry on Top.

 Golden Ticket: Golden Ticket is stunning and I really wish that Doe hadn't discontinued it. It is lovely and solid and strong when applied. It feels great to have a gold lipgloss that isn't sheer. Formula is the same as the others.

Hollygram:  A beautifully thick luscious emerald green lip gloss. Probably one of my favourite colours and thankfully it is still available.

Kaleidoscope: Part of the original collection this deep purple gloss is filled with blue and pink glitter that gives it a wonderful duo-chrome sheen depending on the light. Sadly it has been discontinued replaced by its lighter and slightly pinker sibling Present.

Loop-De-Loop: A shimmery deep blue shade, sadly discontinued.  It's gorgeous and I love pairing it with a dark smokey eye.

Present: This is the pinker and lighter purple shade of the discontinued Kaleidoscope. Stunning in shade however not as pigmented as some of the others in the collection.

Snowsicle:  A standard clear closs with rainbow holographic glitter. Beautiful to top any lipstick with for a bit of a magical glow.

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