Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Orchard Corset 12 Corsets of Christmas Sale

Evening Ghouls;
During the Christmas season Orchard Corset had a 12 Corsets of Christmas Sale. If you were signed up to their newsletter you received a new sale offer each day for the 12 days leading up until Christmas; starting on December 13th.

As many of you know by now I am a seasoned corset lover/trainer. I own multiple corsets; unfortunately not all my corsets are suitable for waist training.
Overbust corsets do not work at all for me in terms of waist training due to my larger bust and in terms of my underbust corsets that I could safely get away with "stealthing" my options are mostly limited to one, beautiful PVC leather underbust; however the PVC doesn't breathe and on hot or humid days the corset needs to come off.

I had seen the Orchard Corsets CS-411 Mesh corsets and they appeared to be the perfect solution to the hot and humid Australian summer.
A fish net panelled corset with steel boning in your choice of red, black and beige. When I first saw it the only thing stopping me from clicking the buy button was the price. Don't get me wrong the standard price isn't unaffordable, however due to saving for our house it would have to be my only purchase for one pay check and with Christmas coming up I just couldn't get away with it.
That is until I opened up Day 11 in the 12 Days of Corsets sale. The promotional picture bore CS-411 Red and Black mesh $65 (USD) despite hoping to get the CS-411 in solid black with a massive $134 USD saving I couldn't say no.  

Indoors - White Light
Outdoors - natural light
Tonight I arrived home to a package sitting neatly on the shelf beside the front door (with Brody working the night shift he leaves any mail for me there with a little note).
The corset was wrapped in beautiful white tissue paper with the Orchard Corset logo in red and a second layer of red tissue paper with a round, red sticker with the logo holding it together.
I tried to carefully open the package but stickers and tissue paper never end well so I won't put a photo of the wrappings up they look a tad shredded.
I tried the corset on instantly and was impressed but a little concerned with how easily I managed to cinch myself in. I tend to struggle with the firmer more solid materials like the PVC and get Brody to tighten them off for me so I was curious if the corset was actually reducing my waist.
I am happy to report that it help my shape perfectly.

I bought the CS-411 in a 26 inch, which I am hoping to close by the end of the year. I like taking my time with reductions, last year I closed my 28 inch corset around November. People often ask me about my waist training goals; I'd like to be able to close a 24 inch at this point but my goals are always changing so you never know.
I will wear my corset for two hours tonight and the rest of the week and weekend to make sure I season it before I trying it during my 8 hour work day on Monday.

My final review after having this on for a little while is that it is a wonderful corset. Perfect for waist training and it would be especially good for those just starting out waist training or for those who want a corset for the hotter weather like me.
Shipping was a delight, I ordered on the 22nd of December and received it just sixteen days later - with only eleven of those being standard working days.

This is a very welcome addition to my corset collection, I'll be sure to add photos of it in my corset closet once I've worn it a few times.

Night Ghouls.
Ashlee Adams.

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