Monday, December 15, 2014

Lime Crime Velvetines

My Collection of the Lime Crime Velvetines.

Note: I have since purchasing my last items joined onto the Boycott Lime Crime movement. I was extremely disappointed when they refused to send any more stock to their Australian stockists and straight out told me it'd be cheaper to buy directly from them. When I did the math and provided them with evidence against that fact they deleted my comment. I didn't personally have any money stolen however I was a lucky one, thousands of their customers had money stolen from, this fact in itself is not the reason I was disappointed, the fact that none of these customers were notified until four months after the incident is shocking. 
I sadly feel that I cannot promote the brand any further.

The Entire Lime Crime Collection as of October 2014

From left to right;
Cashmere, Salem, Wicked, Red Velvet, Suedeberry, Pink Velvet, Utopia, Pansy and Black Velvet.
The Lime Crime Velvetines, are as described by the company are liquid to matte lip stains. Each tube has a doe foot applicator. After letting the product dry they become touch proof and kiss proof however if you get the lip wet the product returns to a partially liquid state and can be transferred. Not the best if you like drinking without a straw but perfect for a night out.

The original line consisted of Red Velvet and Suedeberry, in packaging that mimicked the Carousel Glosses whimsical fair theme only in red. The packaging was changed for the second release of Black Velvet, Wicked and Salem regarded as the Clueless Witch Collection. Following these three was Pink Velvet, then Utopia and the latest releases are Cashmere and Pansy. You can still buy all the colours on the website for 20USD; please buy at your own discretion.


Cashmere: Lime Crime Founder Doe Deere describes this as a 'greige' not quite grey, not quite beige - their unknown love child.
On my skin tone this is a beautiful neutral colour, I find the product dries my lips out far more than any of the other colours in the range. I have very moist lips generally speaking and this shade definitely fills and defines the cracks.

Salem: A warm mahogany brown. It has a red undertone and has good formula. It is edgy but not as edgy as Black Velvet.

Wicked: A dried blood red. This is my go to shade for a night out. It's a darker more seductive
version of the standard pin up red and it glides on smoothly. 

 Red Velvet: The classic perfect pin-up red in matte. This is one of my standard go to colours for any outing. Not too orange and not too blue its just perfect.

Suedeberry: This is an unusual colour, definitely a hard one to describe. In person it comes off slightly neon salmon only slightly redder.

Pink Velvet: This photo doesn't really show the barbie-esque hot pink colour. However that is the colour that it is. A traditional scheme in terms of pink lipsticks.


Utopia: I'm not usually a fan of pink lipsticks, this magenta however is very pretty and I do find myself reaching for it every so often.

Pansy: A vibrant purple; neither too blue or too pink. I really adore this beautiful colour. Smooth and fast drying and this formula smells slightly different from the others. It appears glossy in my photo due to the flash.


Black Velvet: Although rather daring for some people I adore black lipstick and, nothing is better than being able to apply black lipstick in the morning and not have to worry about it smearing off 
during the day. Especially if that lipstick is matte.

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