Friday, October 24, 2014

GlamourDollEyes Halloween Collections

Good Evening Ghouls;
With Halloween only a week away and fast approaching, shops are filled with props, decorations and spooky treats and companies are promoting my favourite products the -more often than not- limited edition Halloween cosmetic lines.

Usually I have to save my monthly pay check until the day before Halloween or the day itself before any of the products are released, this year I was happily surprised one of the companies that I wanted the Halloween products from who would be releasing their collection earlier.

The wonderful Vee of GlamourDollEyes, released her two Halloween collections in early October so that the sets could make their way to her customers before Halloween. I was a tad sceptic that they would reach me here in Australia during the time frame however this evening when I pulled up after work there was a lovely yellow package from Las Vegas on my door step; imagine my surprise.

GlamourDollEyes released two Limited-Edition Halloween sets, two blushes and a glitter tube. There were also four limited weekly shades to collection, which sadly I missed out on three of. They required a purchase of $10USD made each week and were added in for free.
The Halloween sets were $16USD each consisting of four shades, the blushes were $9USD each and the glitter tube was $5USD.

Naturally being the Halloween obsessed young-woman that I am, I purchased both sets, both blushes and the glitter tube. It was a bit of a struggle on the website with all the traffic however I made it through and checked out on the morning of the 16th of October (Australian time), at work trying to squeal in delight.
I got the shipping notification maybe a hour or two after the order (I love the speed at which Vee works it's insane) and then today just over a week after placing my order I received my package.

But enough about shipping and on to the products; the sets were simply named Halloween '14 Set 1 and Halloween '14 Set 2 so that is how I shall refer to them here. Unfortunately these shades were limited edition, since then the two blushes have been made permanent and I believe one or two of the more popular eye shadows may be added to the permanent collection as well.


Halloween Set 1
~Halloween '14 Set 1~
1. Elm Street Nightmare
Deep foresty green with light green and silver shimmer.
2. 'Til Death 
A medium toned purple with a grey undertone
3. You Poisoned Jack
A deep orange with a brown base and iridescent rainbow glitter.
4. Rigor Mortis
A bright white with silver shimmer, that gives an almost metallic sheen.

Halloween Set 2

~Halloween '14 Set 2~
1. Buried Alive
 Dark coppery brown with a cream opalescent pearl.
2. Funeral Selfie
 Pink toned purple with holographic shimmer.
3. Murder Street
 A deep maroon that in low light can appear blackened.
4. Shots of Cyanide
A deep navy blue with an orange-gold and purple sheen.

Swatches, No Primer, One Swipe

Esmeralda - Hot Pink blush; at first I wasn't sure if I was going to purchase this one. I am not a big fan of pink especially not Hot Pink and as I am very pale I was worried about how it may turn up on my skin however it blends out beautifully to a sheer pale pink, perfect for a rosy doll like tint on the cheeks.

Skeletina - I was most interested in this blush. It's a Lavender Grey tone and I have never seen anything like it. On my skin it blends out very easily until you can hardly see the colour, it is perfect when either lightly applied or blended out as a highlighter for me. Otherwise I apply it a little heavy and can use it to give me a slight contour. If you are into heavy visible blush then this colour isn't for you however if you are on the paler side and enjoy slight hints of colour then I would recommend checking this out.

Glitter Tube
Dead Roses -Iridescent red copper glitter. In some lights there are specks of Salmon.

Sadly Skeletina doesn't turn up much on my skin under flash however it is a very amazing and unique colour.

In my package there was also a small sample of the GlamourDollEyes Glitter Fix and a Static Eyeliner from the Deadly Hollywood Collection that I won in a competition a few months back.

I was impressed with all the shades from the collections, and I am always stunned with the lightning fast speed at which Vee ships the orders to her customers. I really wish that I could've have gotten No Bones about it and Chasing Ghouls and but alas it was not meant to be.

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Good Night Ghouls.
Ashlee Adams

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