Wednesday, December 10, 2014

GlamourDollEyes Christmas Collection

Evening Ghouls;
On Black Friday GlamourDollEyes released three Christmas Collections. Each set contained four eye shadows and was designed by a fan of the company based on three separate movies inspired by or set during Christmas.
Unfortunately most of the products in this post are limited edition and are currently (if you are reading this after the new year) or will become unavailable after December 31st.
The first collection was inspired by the movie Elf, the second Edward Scissor Hands and the third which is the collection that spoke to me the most and which I purchased (non-surprising really) Tim Burtons' The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Two days before the Black Friday Sale and the Christmas Collection releases Vee posted that there were only a few of the October OTM (Of the month) colour left available as well as a few of the limited edition colour that she had created for Notoriously Morbids 'Cabinet of curiosities'.
I had seen the sneak preview of both of these shades and definitely wanted them, they both screamed dark and beautiful. These two colours were only released on the GlamourDollEyes StoreEnvy site so I purchased them on there and left a note hoping that Vee would be able to combine shipping with the order i knew I'd be placing during the Black Friday sale. Thankfully she saw my note and was able to combine the two; international shipping is a bit of a killer and would've been a pain with orders so close together. I am happy that i didn't take the risk of waiting as both colours were sold out before the Black Friday sale.

I arrived home this evening to a package marked from the wonderful Las Vegas (That's a 12 day wait for international shipping, INSANE!) and instantly knew that there were new goodies to be played with. Vee had packaged my order in a silk purple bag, along with the Nightmare Before Christmas collection and the two limited shadows that I had ordered because my order was over ten dollars I also got the 'Gift With Purchase' shadow for November 'Poodles'

The Nightmare Before Christmas Collection is in one word 'stunning'
From left to right the four colours are;

Meant to Be:  A light shimmery beige with lavender undertones.

Jack and Sally:  A blackened purple shadow with spots of bright purple glitter.

Sandy Claws:  A medium based pure shimmery red, it doesn't lean to far orange nor too far pink.

What's This?:  A beautiful blue based purple on the lighter side of the purple spectrum but not light enough to be considered Lilac or Lavender.

 If I had to choose one 'MUST HAVE' shade from the collection, it'd be a tough choice between Jack and Sally with it's dark seductive purple shimmer and Sandy Claws with it's bright beautiful red pigmentation.

The three other shades that I received with my Christmas Collection are the limited editions that I couldn't let slip past my fingers. Especially not with names like Bat Queen and Fairy Royalty.

Bat Queen: A beautiful smashed pumpkin orange created as an Of The Month shade with the help of Victoria Donelda.

 Poodles: The Gift With Purchase for November is a beautiful cream shade bordering the thin line to baby pink packed full of shimmer.

  Fairy Royalty: A limited edition created for the Notoriously Morbid, 'cabinet of curiosities'. 
This deep shimmery gold moss forest green is gorgeous.

I also thought I'd throw in here that at the start of November Vee announced that she had created three exclusive shadows for a stockist right here in the great land of Australia. The GlamourDollEyes for Femme Fatale consisted of three shadows which I snapped up immediately. After some initial drama with the delivery service the shadows arrived and I was able to play with them.

Stealing Angels; A Beautiful pastel mid toned purple. Rather than the pink base of What's this? from the Nightmare Before Christmas collection. Stealing Angels has a beautiful blue grey base; not as dark as the twi-shadows premonition however due to lighter pigmentation and multi-coloured shimmer.

Retail Therapy;  Despite the photo coming up more blue this shade in real life has a wonderful tinge of mint green which slides the colour towards a delicate turquoise with pastel gold shimmer.

Miss 401k; A Beautiful pale shimmery light antique gold. 
It is slightly dirty gold with a yellow base in appearance, 
which just adds to the charm.

As usual there are some wonderfully unique shades that every inch of my self approve of.
I can't wait to order from the Customer Appreciation collection releasing January 12th.

Good Evening Ghouls.
Ashlee Adams.

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